Lotus Poultry Layer Cage Feed trough


Lotus Poultry Layer Cage Feed trough

LOTUS Layer Feeders

Integrated with Load Bearing Segment on the side wall of feeder, which gives extreme strength and helps feeder from getting bent while in operation.

Designed with Ribs on the inside surface to avoid Twisting and wobbling.

Non-Contaminating, Ample height for Birds to feed from, open enough for easy filling and cleaning.

Rot proof and the sides are flanged inwards to prevent food wastage.

Designed so as not to break during cage cleaning.

Solid, high quality products that will give you years of reliable service and will withstand all types of climatic conditions.


Our feeders are regularly inspected manually for Flaws such as dimensions, toughness and rigidity.

  • Dimensions of LOTUS Layer/ Grower Feeders :
  • Model-1 : 12” Surface Width with 6” Opening for Feed
  • Model-2 : 12” Surface Width with 4.5” Opening for Feed
  • Available in any Length as per Customer requirement. (18’ / 5.487M Standard)

Our feeder joints will make no bumps at the joint position which will enable easy mixing of leftover feed.

LOTUS manufactures its Layer Feeders on Sophisticated machinery with higher efficiency. This delivers more output and less wastage which reduces Production cost. This Saved cost is passed on to our customers.

Accessories such as Feeder Joints and End caps are always readily available.